Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Is the world crazy, or am I?

You be the judge.

1. I emailed the school principal requesting a meeting to discuss S. and detailed my concerns. I received this reply:

I'd like to invite all teachers, along with you and me, together to discuss [S]'s needs. This way we can all share ideas and implement a few. And, we will all be on the same page. It will be tricky to get everyone together, but with notice, I think it can be done..probably around lunch time. I will email her teachers to inform them we all want to meet and find the time that works best for them. Once I do that, do you think you can make yourself available for that time?

I agreed to be available and received:

ok, I just emailed the teachers so will hopefully have some information about when we can meet by tomorrow afternoon.

Several days passed. I wrote to ask for an update. I received:

My sincere apologies because I scheduled a time to meet with [S]'s General Studies teachers for yesterday at 12:15 but then I had to cancel and rescheduled for today at 12:15. I was going to share the information you gave me, forgetting that you would like to attend the meeting. I've talked to [the teachers] and we can still meet today at 12:15 if that is good for you, but if not, we can meet tomorrow at 12:15. Which day would you prefer?

Who's crazy?

2. I email the principal the following:

I am interested in several of your new endeavors, specifically, the parent book club (possibly, depending on what exactly it entails), the Bluebonnet program, the spelling bee, and the gardens. I am NOT volunteering to get all of these off the ground, but I am happy to be involved in all of them. Can you tell me what's involved in the Bluebonnet program? And what are the plans for the parent book club? Fiction, nonfiction, Judaica, what? Thanks!

I receive the following reply, sent to me and two other parents:

Dear Ladies,
Thank you for your kind offer to volunteer to make this program a success! Our librarian and I would like to meet with you this Wednesday, the 16th at 8:00 for about 30 minutes in the library. I look forward to working with y’all. : )

Who's crazy this time?

3. The phone rings at 10 past 9 am, also known as ten minutes after the housekeeper should arrive. It is her son, speaking in barely intelligible English. Something about his mother being late. How late? He doesn't know. Two hours later, I am at Target with the baby when the daughter -- who is 12 -- calls with slightly better English. Her mom is sick and can't come today. Ten minutes later, Mr. WG calls to tell me the daughter -- who is TWELVE -- showed up at our house to clean and care for my children for the day. Her mom DROPPED HER OFF and left. He neglected to mention that she came with her 3-year-old brother in tow.

Seriously, who's crazy here?


Jessie said...

erm.. wow.

your principal is strange, your house keeper is stranger I think.

ella said...

The universe is crazy. It's not you. (P.S. - everything OK with S?)

Lisa said...

I am just shaking my head in befuddlement...wha? I'm sorry you're surrounded by such annoying people.

DESJ and Company said...

She sent her 12 year old daughter TO CLEAN YOUR HOUSE?
Still processing.

Lisa b said...

#3 takes it.

#1 and #2 the principal is clearly not reading your emails.

1stTimeMom2Ella said...

WOW! That is nuts!