Wednesday, September 09, 2009


1. On Sunday night, the new housekeeper called to ask if we wanted her to work on Monday. Um, yes? OK. She came with her daughter. At one point, we were talking with them, Mr. WG and I, and Mr. WG asked if they had ever been to San Antonio. No. Why not? "Because we don't have time and money," the daughter said. She did not add, "you moron." Mr. WG followed up with, "How about Galveston?" "Yes," said the daughter. "We've been to Galveston. We were going to go today, but..." and the end of THAT sentence of course is "but you made my mother come to work, you bastard." Or, "Mr. and Mrs. WG SUCK and are going STRAIGHT TO HELL." Either one works, really.

2. D. has a friend in school. Desperate mother that I am, I gave my name, phone number, cell phone number, and email address to his mother. Are you surprised that I haven't heard from her?

3. Save me from myself. I am reasonably certain that people behind me in line at the grocery store do not care about Baby A's microtia. And yet, when they say things like, "Oh, what a cute baby!" I INVARIABLY respond with, "Yes, and his ear? It's going to be fine. It's called microtia, and there's surgery, but not now. When he's older. He has no external ear canal." And the people slowly back away, and I STILL KEEP TALKING.

4. We canceled cable yesterday. I ordered a Netflix plan for $13.99/month, which lets us have 2 DVDs at a time, plus access to their full library of on-demand movies and TV shows. I also used some Amazon gift certificates earned via Swagbucks to buy a Roku, which lets us watch all that Netflix content right on the TV. Cable was costing us about $50/month, so I'm pretty psyched.

5. I am slowly getting my life back under control. Slowly, slowly, but I am almost on a regular working schedule. Just in time for the Jewish holidays!