Friday, September 25, 2009


1. At Back-to-School night at the Jewish Day School, I stopped by a bulletin board where the kindergarten class has posted projects. Each had written his or her name on the paper. "Wow," I said to my best friend, whose son's work was featured. "Look how well he wrote his name! That's amazing!"

"They all did that," she said. "They're in kindergarten."

"Great!" I said brightly. "I'll just go cry myself to sleep!" I felt awful after I said that, because, well, just BECAUSE, but I really do forget that this is the class D. should be in and that the things the rest of the kids are doing are NORMAL.

2. My husband ordered new cell phones, because he likes new things. I, however, am old and crotchety and don't like to learn new technology. So I hated the new phone he got me, and I REALLY hated the fact that in ordering new lines of service he managed to stick us with new numbers that we cannot change to our old numbers. Wireless number portability? Not so much, when you stick with the same company you've been with for nearly four years but insist on ordering your phone through a deal only offered to new customers. Thanks, babe. But, by whining and complaining, I got my husband to buy me a new Blackberry Pearl to replace my old Blackberry Pearl. So, you know, it's all good.

3. I think D. hates the new speech therapist. I'm also not sure how much I like her. I'll keep you posted.

4. It is 11:48 on Friday morning, and I have made exactly NOTHING for shabbat. Granted, we're eating lunch out tomorrow, but still. NOTHING.

5. You know how you see those offers online where it says, "Get a Free [Whatever] -- Participation Required."? Well, I did one, for a free $500 Visa Gift Card AND a Michael Jackson King of Pop t-shirt. (The gift card was really just the bonus, of course.) Anyway, it totally worked. My kids stole the shirt, but the girt card is tucked into my wallet, where it will live as Grocery Budget Money for a few weeks.

6. I am SO not looking forward to Yom Kippur.


DESJ and Company said...

Let's talk about the $500 gift card. Focused on that.

Shosh said...

i knew sara would comment on that!