Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In Case You Are Curious

Something about this post just... oh, I don't know... speaks to me.


Shosh said...

okay, I loved that article. Its so interesting to see how faith really affects a lot of financial issues. I always complain about how being frum is so expensive.

Also - I am somewhat of an idiot apparently, because it took me about halfway through the article to realize who exactly was being interviewed!
nice kitchen, by the way!
oh, and the part about how if your husband died the community wouldnt let you be single for more than 2 years...is it okay that it made me laugh?

DINKS said...

Woahhhh!! I'm blogging to a magazine celeb ;) At first I thought you just meant like you can *relate* to one of these families, but after further poking around I see that you are, indeed, one of these young ladies(i won't mention your name).

Gotta love blogging & the media :) Much respect for being so open and honest too - it was really eye opening.

Meredith said...

That was a really fascinating article! I cannot believe the $9 grape juice - I felt like I did not know hardly anything about the religion I was born into reading this since I don't really practice, but still, I didn't know half of the things you have to consider.

So would the community like have you match maked a few months after Mr. WG died or what?