Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Annual Developmental Assessment

After searching my archives, it appears that I never wrote about last year's developmental assessment, perhaps because it annoyed me. But I did write about the one we had two years ago, and I just reread it, and now I'm freaking out a little.

At D's assessment last week, he did some things amazingly well. First, we had no real tantrums, despite coming immediately after a full day of school, waiting in the waiting room, waiting in the exam room, etc. We had a few protestations, but they were verbal and nonviolent.

On the way there, actually, I turned around to look at D. in the backseat, and he was looking all downcast and sad. "Are you OK?" I asked.


"What's wrong?"

"I don't want to go to the doctor."


Anyway. Dr. Amazing had two younger docs with her, and she let them do a lot of the assessment, though she stepped in frequently. As before, she worked with D. and followed his lead as she redirected him to the areas she wanted. And at the end of the assessment she said he is SOLIDLY at three years. That is, everything a 3-year-old can do, D. can do. Without hesitation. So if you need compliance, or whatever, go to that 3-year-old level. Then, we have many scatter skills that go higher.

But when I go back and re-read what I wrote two years ago, I see:

She said that at his worst, he was still performing at above a 2-year-old level. At his best, he was at about a 33-month-old level with scattered skills to age level.

So, in two years, we gained... three months? That can't be right. It can't be. Right?

I'm freaking out. I'm emailing this woman RIGHT NOW.


Anonymous said...

Read what you wrote again.

You went from solidly above age 2, to solidly at or above age 3.

In two years, you gained one year. Slow, but PROGRESS.

Denise said...

I feel for you. Anneliese (same age as D) had her assessment in January. She placed at about 2.8 years old, with some scores scattered. Sounds a lot like D. Anneliese is still very apraxic, which really impedes her testing. Remember, his gains are there--the things we as parents may see as advancements at home aren't always testable. The advancement is there--keep remembering what an awesome job you do!

moplans said...

I was thinking what Anon wrote.
Plus I should learn not to check your blog before I have to call Js therapists.
Now am FREAKING OUT bc my kid is two and her PT just left me a mssg saying how great it is she is taking some steps.

Lisa W said...

Freaking out is an understatement for me. I have back to back IEP's for both my sons the day after tomorrow. I'm having nightmares about getting the test results.

Anonymous said...

I too agree with what Anonymous said. Sometimes docs, even amazing ones, give us a little more (or less) than what's real because, well, they're human too. It's hard to tell someone that news.

My thoughts...solidly 2 to solidly 3 in two years means you went 6 months in one year. That actually is good progress. Call / Email Dr. Amazing, but remember you're still moving forward.

In the mean time, I send you my warm thoughts.