Thursday, February 19, 2009

I was too busy sleeping to title this post.

Because I want my children to be able to write books about their terrible childhoods when they are grown, I share with you this story.

(It would be a damn shame if S. doesn't write a book when she grows up, because I have the perfect picture for the cover. It's a family shot, only S. wasn't cooperating, so we sent her off to the side. So everyone is smiling, and over on the side is S., head down, under a gray sky.)

Yesterday, S. met with the school guidance counselor. What did they talk about?

"Well," says S, "I told her how Daddy always yells at me for getting bad grades."

What else?

"I told her how Z. has a spy system and how she tells on me for sharing my lunch. And we talked about how sometimes what you see isn't what you think. Like, if you see someone peeling an orange, you might think they're sharing, but really they're just HELPING."

Anything else?

"Yeah, then she asked about my mom. She said, 'Let's talk about your mom. We haven't talked about her.' And I said, "Well, my mom doesn't really do anything. She just sleeps all day.'"



DESJ and Company said...

Dontcha just love the kids?

Jenny said...

OMG, that is TOO funny!

moplans said...

Nice. I'm sure she did not believe that you sleep all day.
Students tell me all kinds of weird things and you just never really know where it is coming from.
A colleague explained it works the other way too. Try to imagine what the guidance counselors experience of this conversation was. I'll bet she didn't buy that 'helping' story either.

Anonymous said...

Nice. I always love how our kids make us look our best!