Monday, February 16, 2009

I Hate Presidents' Day

Here at Casa WG, we have been suffering from Illness. Mr. WG continues to cough -- particularly at night, when SOME OF US would like to sleep. Some of us also no longer have any sympathy for him, since he refuses to go to the doctor.

On... I have no idea what day last week, D. came home with a note that he had refused breakfast and lunch at school. He was clearly exhausted, and he started with the throwing up that evening. It continued for an endless number of days. I seriously lost track. This was after S. was home from school on Monday (and the previous Friday), and it was just an endless stream of laundry and vomit. It was not fun.

Friday night, J. started to cry that he had a boo-boo in his ear. We finally got some Motrin in him, which calmed him enough to let him fall asleep. When he didn't wake during the night, I figured it had burst, and sure enough, he was all gross and icky on Saturday morning. So! Antibiotics and doctor visit averted.

We continued with the sick children yesterday. D. was still feverish, although beginning to eat again. Last night, J. spent most of the night crying in his sleep, waking us frequently. By which I mean, A FREAKING LOT.

And then this morning he told me his mouth hurt, and I think he means his THROAT, which I think means STREP, so I called the pediatrician's office. Except that it is Monday, so they put me on hold and 15 minutes later I hung up. I shoved more Motrin at him and figured I'll call my neighbor this evening, who has strep tests at home, and if he has it, I'll make someone phone me in a script.

(P.S. If you have a coupon for a gift card with a NEW script, please email me. Sara, I'm looking at you.)

BUT! D. seems to have NO FEVER! Also, he is being SUPER ANNOYING! Wanting to go play and demanding food and wanting to DO STUFF instead of just lie there helplessly moaning. So, yay! And also, PLEASE GO BACK TO SCHOOL TOMORROW.

In other news, I went to CVS on Sunday morning and got $40 worth of stuff for $5.07. If I had been a little bit smarter, I could have spent nothing -- if I'd done my purchases in multiple transactions -- but I'm OK with a small learning curve. And I have $20 in ECBs for next week, so I guess I've officially joined the Crazy Coupon People. Big props to Sara and Jenny for stepping up to my cry for help.

If you are a CVS'er, allow me to brag: Those J+J bandages with Neosporin with $3 EBS? Well, the ones in my store had $2 peelies on 'em! So I got 5 boxes, and they were free after the coupons and ECBs. It was a fun trip, and it definitely is addicting.


DESJ and Company said...

Nice job, WG, nice job.
Email me your address and I'll toss a coupon in the mail to you:)
BTW we're still having fever/strep issues here too.
I want to jump out a window!!

Betty and Boo's Mommy said...

Oh, that sounds miserable for all. I'm so sorry. Hope you are all recovered soon.