Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Because it wouldn't be my birthday if I didn't complain

OK, so it's not as bad as what happened last year. But still.

The note that came home in D's folder today? Well, I won't copy the whole thing. I'll spare you the part about his bowel movements. But I'll quote you this:

All the children were very excited to work on their holiday cards -- not D.


No, seriously, WTF???

I couldn't help myself. I had the phone in my hand a few seconds later, and I found myself on the phone with the principal in short order. When I read her the excerpt, she was quiet for a minute. Then, "I'm sorry. Well, I -- I'm sorry."

We had a pleasant conversation, and she agreed that the comment is completely inappropriate, but that doesn't really help me. She did also tell me that the district specialist was in to observe today and is coming back on Jan. 6, their first day back after break (this Friday is their last day before break). She'll call me on the 8th to schedule a conference, and she was planning to go speak to the teacher the second we hung up and to tell her at the very least not to write notes like that, because it's rather unproductive.

I explained that my larger concern is that it's DECEMBER and she's telling me that my kid is never engaged? Have we lost ALL THESE MONTHS? And she said no, of course not -- she's been in the class and D. is engaged and participating and whatever.........

The district specialist suggested that she take over the class for 2 weeks while they send the teacher out to observe more experienced special ed teachers. I don't know if that will happen after the break, but it might help. I just don't know what to do.

I don't have the option of enrolling him in a special needs school. The one we wanted him to go to rejected him. Twice. Another one I liked has a waiting list several years long -- literally. What the hell am I supposed to do now?


lisa said...

Oh WG, I'm sorry. It really sucks that you have to deal with this crappy teacher especially when you don't really have any other options. That note just blows my mind. How is the constructive at all? And honestly, so what if he didn't get excited over making a card? I'm sorry you have to wait until after the holidays to deal with this more.

Lisa b said...

I've got my fingers crossed.

I also plan to start commenting anonymously.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday.

I'm glad you and the principal were able to talk and some things will be done to better 'educate' D.'s teacher.

I wonder why the other school keeps rejecting his application? Is there any new information that would help his application from last time? Anyone you know that goes there that can assist?

Jenny said...

Ugh, I'm so sorry. I wish I knew what to tell you, but I have no words of wisdom. I did see an article recently and meant to email it to you regarding a pilot program for special needs children at a Jewish school in Houston(maybe it's even the school your other kids go to?) It looks like the program is for kids who are older than D, so it wouldn't help you now, but it may be good for the future. Here's the link:

WriterGrrl said...

Yep, Jenny, that's our school, and nope, D. can't go to the program. But you are too sweet for thinking of us!

dee said...

Happy belated birthday :-) Sorry it started out not so great...but glad to hear that it improved as the day went on.

Hope the coming year brings you much joy and happiness!