Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Shepping Nachat

If you're looking at that title and going, Um, what, then, Hi, Teej! Ha ha, I know I have some other readers who do not speak Yiddish. Shepping nachat is taking pleasure, generally from your children. And what better way for a proud mama to celebrate turning 33 29 again?


Teej said...

Hey! Somebody called me a mensch the other day! But isn't that just for men? Wait, should I be insulted?

Happy birthday, baby. Calling you shortly.

Natalie said...

Oh the piano playing was so wonderful! It reminded me of the days I took lessons and dreaded I I look back and say - gosh, wish I had not stopped! You've got a beautiful talent in your hands! Happy belated birthday! I'm way behind on your posts!!!!