Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I like my version better

The note I wanted to write, after the nurse called me and made me take D. to the doctor for having a runny nose and a "fever" of 99.1:

Dear Nurse Annoying,

Stop. calling. me. I am not sure why my son spends so much time in your office, because he sure as heck isn't asking to go see the nurse, or even complaining. My kid is not a complainer. You are, though. Oh, boy, you are a complainer.

Let me tell you Nurse Annoying, in all the years I went to school, from nursery school through college, I missed a total of 4 days for illness. In the fourth grade, I threw up at Hebrew school. When my parents were called, they told the director that they'd be there at pick up time as scheduled, because they were at work. I was horrifically sick, with a fever of about 470 degrees, and I was allowed to stay home for the next 3 days. In high school, I once came down and told my father I had cramps, and he was too mortified to respond, so I stayed home.

I cannot imagine the reaction my mother would have had if she had ever gotten a phone call to alert her to my runny nose. Does the school not have an adequate supply of tissues? I am aware that my son has a snotty nose. He is five. This is part of life. It is one of the most normal things about him.

Also, I hate to tell you, but 99.1 is not a fever, particularly not for my child, who runs warm in general. Does he act sick? Is he lying on the floor moaning? Is he refusing to participate in activities? Is he turning down food? On the contrary, he is active, engaged, and delighted to eat. And he is NOT happy when you send him home from school.

I trust that we will not have to have this conversation again in the future.


The note the doctor wrote, at the visit I was required to have, in order to get the doctor's note, so that D. can return to school tomorrow:

D. has been seen in my office and is dx'd with a VRI. He is OK to return to school -- should be re-evaluated for a fever > 100 or symptoms > two weeks.


DESJ and Company said...

I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
I feel better now. BTW what's a VRI?
Very Runny Interior (of his nose?)
Ahh I crack myself up.

ella said...

Argh, what is up with D's school? First the special ed teacher can't handle special ed students, now the nurse wants to decree perfectly healthy kids as sick? Oy. Hopefully the school will get its act together soon, WG!

Lisa b said...

I'm with ella
why on earth did you have to get a drs note??!?!?!

Jenny said...

Loved your note to Nurse Annoying! So sorry you had to go see a doctor for a runny nose and a 99 fever - that's ridiculous.

Thanks for your comments on my blog! Would you mind giving me the name of the behavior therapist you worked with? I think we need to look into that. You can email me at blogbyjenny (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks so much!

Natalie said...

Okay - so I'm way behind on the blogs...but so had to reply to this: I thought I was the one only one going insane with Nathan's teacher writing to me every day telling me that Nathan has a runny nose and cough - I've told her numerous times that their allergies and common colds in Sotos children is rampant! AGH! And yes, I too had to go for just one more doc visit and pay an $180 bucks to hear the doctor say yes he's fine - and give me a note to say, he's allowed to be back in school...TERRIBLY IRRITATING!!!!!