Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm a Giver

Let it not be said that I do not make great sacrifices for my children.

At this moment, I am loading onto my iPod a new playlist, "D's Circle Time." D's teacher was sadistic kind enough to give me the CDs with the songs they play every morning so that D. can hear them in the car and learn them, and the skills taught by these wonderful pieces of music.

This playlist includes such gems as "Who Let the Letters Out?" Would you like to read the lyrics? Of course you would!

Who let the A out? A, a, a
Who let the B out? B, b, b
Who let the C out? C, c, c

Can you guess how the rest goes? Of course you can, but that's really no comparison for actually hearing the whole thing. So here is a video of random children singing it! This is ALMOST as good as the original performance. Almost.

Lest you think the playlist is only one song long, let me hasten to add that we also have a song called "I Got the Whole Alphabet in My Mouth." The lyrics to that one are also pretty great.

I've got the whole alphabet in my mouth
I've got the whole alphabet in my mouth
I've got the whole alphabet in my mouth
And I can read.

I've got the A, a, a in my mouth
I've got the B, b, b in my mouth
I've got the C, c, c in my mouth
And I can read.

And it goes on. And on.

And you can hear it and watch some slightly disturbing pictures!

The playlist has seven more songs, and THANK GOD they are not all about the alphabet. Because, I mean, the alphabet ROCKS and all, but the narrative flow of these songs is not holding my interest. There's no story, no suspense.

That's why we have the weather song.

Sunny, sunny, sunny, sunny,
It is sunny today.
It is sunny today.

Cloudy, cloudy, cloudy, cloudy,
It is cloudy today.
It is cloudy today.

Rainy, rainy, rainy, rainy
It is rainy today.
It is rainy today.

Snowy, snowy, snowy, snowy,
It is snowy today.

It is snowy today.

I am saddened greatly that I cannot find a video of strange children singing this one. I hope you will forgive me.


Ashley's Mom said...

Oh my, pass me some ibuprofen please...

Shosh said...

after 26 seconds of that video, i wanted to strangle the woman singing. i feel for you.

ella said...

Whoa. You are a very good mother, to allow that playlist to be played anywhere near you...

Jenny said...

Oh, that is too funny. You are a good mom for being willing to listen to those songs!