Thursday, September 18, 2008

The News, It Is Not Good

Are you sick of my whining yet?

Southwest Houston is still suffering tremendously. Although there are houses dotted across the landscape with power, the vast majority -- like, the 96% majority -- of my neighborhood does not have electricity.

Can I just tell you how much it sucks? Can I just tell you how much I want to go home?

My friends at home tell me it's like a war zone.

We are going to spend Shabbat at a retreat outside of Austin, arranged by I don't even know who, but they'll provide food and stuff and power and the kids can see some of their friends and I can see some of my friends and get hammered drink a toast to Centerpoint have a drink. Or seven.

And then... well, what then? Do we go home on Sunday? We are in the part of the map listed as "extensively damaged" and slated for restoration of power "after Monday." But what does that mean? Tuesday? Thursday? November? Who knows?

Meanwhile, I can't work, because I don't have my computer and I do have my children, and I am really tired of eating restaurant food and processed crap.

Can I just tell you that I don't recommend being a refugee? It really isn't much fun. You'd be surprised at how often you cry.


Emily said...

Hi there... I just love your blog. I found it a long time ago when I was researching special needs...but I think you write with such a different way that allows us to connect with you, as a human, a real person.

Anyhow, I wish I could help you...but know that my thoughts are with you, nonetheless. And, I have no idea what it's like, I won't pretend to know, but know that I care, from a stranger.

ella said...

Hugs to you and your family, WG. I'm glad you have Shabbos plans all set up. And I hope your power is restored SOON!

dee said...

Thinking happy "power on" thoughts from over here.

Enjoy your Shabbos and have a drink or seven. G-d knows, you deserve it after all you've been through this past week.

I wish I could send you our generator but, you know, kinda heavy and bulky and all and then there's the whole 'we might need it again in our future' POV to contend with.

This too shall pass WG, hopefully real soon.

You're doing great considering all that's been dealt to you and your neighbors. Hang in there :-)

chrislm said...
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chrislm said...

Hopefully you will get your power back soon. I read your post about the insurance company and it brought back memories. It was in 2006 after a tornado and we didn't have power for a week. THe house was 50 degrees, 3 of us where on antibiotics but the house was "liveable" according to the insurance company..Yeah RIGHT...hello mastercard!! Hopefully you will get your power back soon just a tip if you have a little steam cleaner attachment for your carpet cleaner or a hand held steam cleaner it works great for cleaning out the refrigerator and freezer...oh the smell!!!

Hope your house didn't get to much damage I seen pictures of our company buildings in Houston(what a mess) so I hope at least your home is intact...

Lisa b said...

oh WG I hope you get home soon.

Meredith said...

Gah - I wish I lived anywhere remotely near Texas to offer a place for you and your family. I hope you all get home real soon to some nice juicy power!

Sarah said...

Sending prayers and good thoughts your way, I can't imagine what you're going through.

You're a brilliant writer and I can't wait until you are settled again and able to share your experiences with us.

Stay safe, and take care of you.