Monday, October 06, 2008

Return from the Dead

Check it out, Internet, WG lives!

So, the day after I wrote that last post, we headed to this camp for Shabbat. And late that afternoon, we got word that the power was back on at home. When it was still on after Shabbat, we figured it was safe to go home Sunday morning. So we did.

We had power, but no phone or Internet. Still, we were Darn Lucky, and I told myself that a lot.

I told myself that while I threw out what must have been $500 worth of meat, much of it in the form of prepared food my mother-in-law made and froze for Rosh HaShana.

I told myself that while I went to FOUR grocery stores and spent close to $500 and STILL didn't get everything I needed.

I told myself that every time I had to pro-rate an invoice for a client.

I told myself that every day when I checked to see if D's school was open and it wasn't.

I'm not sure that I ever really believed it. I am really kind of a whiner, turns out. I know, hard to believe.

But! But! Now we have phone and Internet AND electricity, AND so do all the people we care about and know personally, AND I had some clients that came through big time with extra work and generous checks, AND my sister sent us a $100 gift card for Safeway AND my parents sent us $500 just to help AND we really are lucky, even if I am spoiled.

Also, on the neurology front, I am no longer having symptoms, so I have stopped with the testing, and I am chalking it up to withdrawal from Lexapro. I am no longer having night sweats, so that was clearly a side effect of some drug or other. I am no longer on any meds, so I am sobbing A LOT and having Lady Problems like every other week or so. Good Times!

I can't figure out which drugs mean more to me, which ones I should go on first. It's a real problem.

Also, I frankly think that the whole hurricane right before Rosh HaShana and the whole Holiday Season was really poor planning on God's part. Because after a week of no school for all the kids, followed by a week of pseudo-school (9 to 2:30, what the HELL is that?), for 3 kids, followed by NOT A SINGLE FULL WEEK OF SCHOOL UNTIL THE END OF OCTOBER = CRAZY INTERNET LADY.

So! How are you?


Sarah said...

So glad to hear that you and the rest of your family are safe!

We've been praying for you daily, and I was so glad to see your post. So sorry about all of the troubles, I live in Arizona so I can't even imagine how difficult it would be to deal with crazy weather conditions.

I know you mentioned Sea World in San Antonio, where y'all able to go? I hope you were, I visited there in August... floated around in the lazy river for hours, very relaxing.

I'm praying that you get your medications sorted out, I can SO relate, so sending you lots of positive thoughts in regard to that.

Anyway, so thrilled you are all home safe and sound. You're an amazing woman to get through it all, hope things get back to normal soon. :) Sarah

Dramalish said...

Whine away- you have earned it.

I'm so glad you and your family have made it through without too many lasting scars.

I'm glad you're back. :)

Lisa b said...

I love the crazy internet lady!
But am very, very sorry about the no school. That is the bad kind o crazy.
Welcome back

ella said...

Glad you're all safe & sound. Hope all the yom tovs were good!