Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Now THIS is how to be a refugee

Hey Peeps!

So, we got ourselves checked into a Residence Inn by Marriot here in lovely San Antonio, and this place is rockin'!

We are in a 2-level place. The first floor has a living room with a sofa bed, a full kitchen (full-size fridge/freezer, oven, microwave, and dishwasher), a bedroom with a small desk area and a private bathroom, and the upstairs has another bedroom and another bathroom. SCORE!

OK, so it's about $170/night, but still. As long as they'll keep taking the plastic, I'll keep swiping it. Whatevs.

This is my new attitutde. Happy! Smoke-free! Looking forward to drinking!

Dee, bless your sweet heart for the bathing suit offer. Mr. WG has gone out searching for suits and we hope to remedy the situation. This is, after all, home to Seaworld, so they should have SOMETHING available, right?

Oh, LIVEBLOGGING the swimsuits, Mr. WG just called to ask me if I am a 20-22 W. Do I leave him for asking that? Of course, he follows up by asking me if I am a small, so, yeah. He clearly just doesn't ever LOOK at me. (I pretend I am a size 10, but that is the size I used to be, and now I am probably a 14. Or something. I solve the problem by never buying clothes.)

OK, must watch children. Pray for power in Houston. I really wanna go home.


ella said...

So glad things are looking up! Even if the price of smoke-free looking up is $170/night. Hang in there. The internets are still thinking good thoughts (and dry thoughts, and electricity-on thoughts) for you!

ella said...

oh, and - Mr WG probably thought "20-22W" was "20-22-inch waist," akin to men's clothing sizes.

Natalie said...

Hi WG -- you are a wonderful mom and wife; hope you can go home soon. If it's even possible - enjoy the refugee vacation! ;-)

lisa said...

I hope you get to go home soon, but I'm so glad you found a decent place in the meantime.

dee said...

Glad to hear about the new digs :-)

If Mr. WG wasn't able to get the suits, the offer still stands. Is there anything else you might need that's in short supply?

Glad to help however I can. When we finally got our power back on after Jeanne, it was a power crew from Texas that did the honors. I could have kissed each one of them.

Hang in there...and please do let me know if you need anything at all. Not a problem to send it to you.