Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My Visit to the Neurologist, by WG

You know what's not fun? Figuring out that you're claustrophobic two minutes into an MRI.

WG: (Squeezes little "call for help" ball desperately)

Disembodied Technician Voice (DTV): Are you okay?

WG: I'm really dizzy. Is the machine spinning.

DTV: No, it's not spinning. Sometimes lying flat on your back with your eyes closed is disorienting.

WG: Oh.

DTV: Besides, um, aren't you here because you feel dizzy?

WG: Crap. OK, fine.

I spent the rest of the hour trying to breathe and telling myself not to open my eyes and start screaming. Good times!


Lisa b said...

hour? that sucks WG. did you at least get to do it at a decent hour?

we here in the land of socialised medicine have to run these round the clock so I got mine at 1 am.

ella said...

eek, that sounds awful! Evidently you lived to tell the tale, though, so that's good. Here's hoping they find something minor and easily treatable - I'm not saying I want something to be wrong with you, but better that than finding nothing, leaving you still not knowing what's causing the dizziness, right?

lisa said...

I have never had an MRI but it sounds awful! I'm not normally a claustrophobic person but I think I'd easily freak out too. I hope everything is normal and there's something less serious causing your dizziness.