Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Theme Song

I have a new theme song. I imagine it playing in my head pretty much every time I walk into a room now. This is because I am actually twelve years old and I am just pretending to be a grown-up mother of four.

It started like this. Disney advertised that Camp Rock would be on television this summer, and boy howdy, were my daughters excited! We couldn't fire up the Tivo stupid Comcast DVR fast enough.

I still haven't watched the whole movie start to finish, but I've seen enough to get the gist, and the music was catchy, so I went ahead and bought downloaded a copy of the soundtrack. What can I say? I have no ethics when it comes to free music.

Anyway, the soundtrack quickly became the playlist of choice in the car. Even Baby J. sings "I just wanna play my music ALL NIGHT LONG." It is too funny for words -- I have got to get him on film, because it's such a crack-up.

So, there are a few songs on the soundtrack that I really like. Mr. WG is partial to Hasta La Vista, but that is because Mr. WG fancies himself a ghetto boy accidentally born white and Israeli. OK, brown and Israeli, but whatever. He is constantly trying to pull of, "Yo, what up?" and it is really, really funny, because it could eventaully get him shot, he's that bad. Anyway, when there is no one else in the car, I love to sing along to "This is Me," but that's not my theme song. I also really like "Here I Am," but that's also not my theme song.

No, my theme song is, "Too Cool." This is what plays in my head every time I walk into a room.


I told you, peeps, I'm TWELVE.