Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sometimes My Kid Is So Awesome I Could Kvell

Yesterday, D. wanted to go to the park. I told him to go get his Crocs, but he ignored me till about 5 p.m. Suddenly, there he was, pointing to his Crocs and saying, "Hooray!" So off we went.

DevilChild was there. A skateboard was off to the side, and D. saw it and went for a closer look. Of course, DevilChild leapt into action and sat down on it, telling D. firmly, "No, D!"

"Can I have a turn?" D. asked, and DevilChild replied that he most certainly could not.

"Come away, D.," I said from a few feet away, and then ChabadMom said, "That's not DevilChild's skateboard. It's ours, and D. is certainly welcome to use it."

"DevilChild never lets D. use anything in the park," I said.

"DevilChild needs to get over himself," said my new best friend.

D. had, in the meantime, wandered a few feet away to the water fountain and took a long, healthy drink. Then he returned to DevilChild and spit the water in a beautiful arc all over him.

"Give me five, D!" I said, high-fiving him and laughing.

"HE SPIT ON ME," said DevilChild.

"Because you're MEAN!" I said back, and my kid and I laughed as we walked away.


ella said...

Haha! Go D!

P.S. I hope Mr. WG's doctor's app't went well.

Anonymous said...

i need to be perfectly honest here...i usually love your posts but this one bothers me a little....

Anonymous said...

And you wonder why your child is now being reprimanded at school for spitting??!! Geez.