Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sometimes I Hate the Park

So we’re at the park. DevilChild is there, playing in the rocks. With buckets that belong to someone else. DevilChild and D. have the same bike. DevilChild’s bike is off to the side. D’s bike is in our garage. D. sees DevilChild’s bike and gets on it. “Is that OK, DevilChild?” I ask, seeing the look on his face.

“No,” he says.

“You won’t let D. ride your bike, DevilChild?” I ask, hoping to catch the attention of his mother who is sitting RIGHT NEXT TO ME.

“No,” he says.

“D, I’m sorry,” I say. “DevilChild doesn’t want to share his bike.” D. is unhappy. DevilChild continues playing with the buckets that are not his. His mother continues to be oblivious.

“DevilChild won’t let D. ride his bike,” I finally say to her.

“Oh, really? DevilChild, can D. ride your bike?”


She looks at me helplessly. “Sorry.”

A bit later, Baby J. is playing with the buckets when GrabbyBoy – also not the owner of the buckets -- takes them all away. Baby J. protests angrily. “No! These are for the moon,” says the boy. (I don’t know what it means, either.) I look around, but GrabbyBoy’s mother is deep in conversation and cannot be bothered to watch her children.

“Maybe Baby J. could use one of the buckets,” I say.

“No!” says GrabbyBoy. “I need them BOTH.”

“Well, that’s not very nice,” I say. “You need to share one with Baby J.”

“I don’t want to,” he says, and I debate whether I can simply grab it from him, but instead opt to take my children back home where they can not share with each other.


Anonymous said...

Wow, we must hang out at the same park with the same non attentive mothers. There are certain mothers in our park who are known for not watching their kids. One kid has actually caused my child to bleed without his mother noticing. I always have trouble knowing when to go get the mother and MAKE her notice, or when to just take my kid away. It's a judgement call every time and I hate it! This past shabbos, 3 boys who were about 6 or 7 went to the tire swing where my 4 yr old was playing by himself. They pushed him away so I went over there. I asked them if they could all play together. They said no. I asked them if they could go to the other (empty) tire swing. They said no. I finally just picked up my 4 year old and left (we had been in the park for 2 hours and were planning on leaving anyway) but my son was just heartbroken. He was sobbing hysterically, But it isn't FAIR! I was there FIRST! They PUSHED me!
I felt like pushing their mothers.
I've been replaying it over and over in my head and I decided next time I won't let kids step all over my kids - even if I have to be obnoxious and make mothers hate me, I will go demand from other mothers that they watch their children in the park.
Whew. I feel better now! Thanks for letting me get that off my chest :)

ADHD Mom said...

WG, if it helps, I totally get you. I have the same problem at the same park, with the same obnoxious bratty children and mothers who do not give a damn about the feeling of other kids (or mothers either, for that matter.) Honestly, I know you love C, but she gives her 2nd grader permission to be obnoxious to Snakeboy because he just "doesn't like him." I could totally punch mothers who allow their kids to hurt my kids' feelings. What gives them the right to kill one child's self-esteem? Especially sweet kids like D or Snakeboy. Honestly, in am just so confused by the whole thing!

lisa said...

What kind of cow lets her child say no I don't want to share and get away with it? That blows my mind! Sorry you had to deal with that WG. That's just bad parenting, no wonder their kids are brats.