Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Where is my bag of swag?

Dude. How is it that some people start blogging and are immediately catapulted to levels of fame and glory that I can only dream of. And I do dream of those levels of fame and glory. Because, yes, of course it's the thought of helping other parents of kids with Sotos blogging is cathartic and it's really good for me to get all this crap out of my head and have a normal real life while appearing somewhat insane on the Interweb, but let's face it. We all, on some level, do this for the fame. The glory. THE BAG OF SWAG, dammit.

So. What exactly do I have to do to get my blog to be one of those blogs that everyone knows? Or at the very least, one of those blogs where once an entry is posted, it is quickly filled with at least double-digit comments? Is this going to be like high school, where I was doomed to forever stay on the sidelines and make snide remarks like, "Well, I didn't want to sit at their table anyway," while cartoon-like flashing LIAR signs blazed over my head?



Dramalish said...

I know exactly what you mean. I know bloggers who simply mention they'd like to own a fancy schmancy car seat, and BOOM, some admiring reader buys it for them.
Just this last month, one of the fertility bloggers I know was approached by Redbook magazine, and is now MAKING MONEY writing blog entries for the magazine.

And don't get me started about bloggers who can make a three line post about how bored they are that day and get 80 comments.

Why can't that be us?
(Oh, right. I'm password-protected.)

You're "A List" to me, WG.

WriterGrrl said...

Thanks, D! And back at you. And yes, I am WELL AWARE of Julia's good fortune. Not at all jealous. Nope, not me. :-P

lisa said...

I don't know what you have to do because you have all the elements of a successful blog...funny, smart, well-written, compelling...need I go on? I'm the same way, and as the PP said, now that I'm PW protected it will never be. Sigh!

Meira said...

Well, I've noticed that my hits go up when I comment EVERYWHERE, on EVERYTHING.

And I know that Cecily responds to every comment left on her blog -- I suspect it goes a long way towards making people feel close to her, which then makes them want to comment more . . .

All of which is a lot of work. But hey, if you decided you wanted to do it, you could start today and have more hits, like, tomorrow.

The Queen Mama said...

I remember when I first started blogging, about a year and a half ago. I was looking for a creative outlet and, let's face it, probably a little validation of my abilities in the process. I thought it would be as simple as: produce good content, and the readers will come flocking in. A few months later, when I still had no regular readers, that bubble had burst. I eventually got up to maybe 15 or so regular readers/commenters, but then took a lengthy break from blogging and lost many of them. When I came back several months later, my reasons for blogging had changed. I had gone through a lot, didn't feel as much need for validation, and I was doing it pretty much for me.

I think to reach the level of readership that you're talking about, you have to visit a lot of blogs, find several of them you like, read often, comment often. Blogging seems to be seen, to some extent, as reciprocal. That's my view of it. I don't know about you, but I don't have that kind of time.

Dee said...

Seconding the "A" list comment! And hoping like mad that D gets accepted today :-)

WriterGrrl said...

Yes, Lisa, you should go on complimenting me. :-) Hee hee! Thank you for the kind words.

Meira, you're right, and I will try to do better.

TQM, I have no life. The blog is it. Kidding. Sort of.

Dee, thank you, on both counts.

Yana said...

Hey, you're awesome! Do you REALLY think you wanna have 638 comments on your posts like She, who should not be named (starts with a "D", ends with an "e")? Well, I do like her, but I would never comment on her blog, because I guess she doesn't read comment no. 639 anyway. And, I suspect her not to care either.
So, if it stays nice and simple, it's probably for good.
And, I don't read Self-Made Mom's blog. I read YOURS.


WriterGrrl said...

Yana, you make excellent points, and yet, I am still a comment whore. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I came here and had no idea you weren't popular, so you're "A list" to me too. =P

(I'm original.)

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

I totally know what you mean. I have unsubscribed from a lot of big name bloggers because I just don't get it. Oh, and because I don't see them frequenting my nerdy blog. Cheerleaders! ;)

When I started blogging, it didn't even occur to me that this whole thing was interactive and built on relationships. I just figured build it (and be a good writer with interesting stories) and they will come. Who knew I'd have to work at building a readership too -- like I have time for that between the blogging and the dealing with the stuff I'm blogging about!

Still, I noticed you got me to come here by commenting on my blog... And maybe I'll rope in new regulars by commenting on yours -- unless I've just offended too many former high school cheerleaders...