Wednesday, May 14, 2008

But he did tell me that if he died and I remarried to at least be smart enough to marry rich.

Mr. WG is fine, and we thank you all for your concern. And we apologize for the fact that I conveniently forgot to update the whole world, including my parents.

He saw the cardiologist on Monday, and the good doctor performed the examination and was wildly unconcerned and did not recommend any action whatsoever. No diet change, no exercise, no surgery, no tests, nothing.

Of course, this appointment was scheduled for precisely the time at which I would normally pick up my boys from school and take D. to speech therapy. So I got the boys a ride home with a friend and arranged for a different friend to watch Baby J. while I borrowed her car to drive D. to speech, and then we came back and Mr. WG picked us all up and we came home and ate snacks and then it was time to go drive carpool and then there was homework and it was time to cook dinner, and just as I was putting the rice up, my friend called and suggested an adults-only dinner out, and OF COURSE that sounded awesome, so we scrambled to feed the kids and call the sitter and get the kids bathed and ready for bed and get the sitter and stick the kids in bed and get out the door and go to dinner.

And then we ate and talked and laughed and then we came home to find a message from my parents and also an email that really took me to task for not updating them, so we called them and told them that Mr. WG is FINE, jeez, already, whatEVER, and then yesterday I really wanted to tell my story about D. being awesome, so there you go.

Mr. WG is fine and I apparently suck at updates.


Lisa b said...

I was hoping no news was good news.
I'm glad devilchild got a shower.

ella said...

So, so glad to hear it.

lisa said...

Very happy to hear all is well!