Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Wonder in Small Things

Yesterday, D. had a truly amazing therapy session. It was kind of like watching a regular kid play. At one point I asked Mrs. Block, "This is really happening, right?" She assured me that it was. The pretend play was incredible, he was engaged and on task for the entire 45 minutes, and his conversation was amazing. Mrs. Block was also appropriately impressed by the ice cream story that I told her.

It's appropriate that after a session like that I find myself nodding along emphatically when I read: "Often times we do this with special needs children--we let them get away with inappropriate behaviors because we assume they 'can't help it.'"

So often, I find that if we simply stop cutting D. slack, he eventually sighs and says, "FINE. I'll act like a typical kid." It is really amazing to watch it happen.

Late yesterday, I got a call from The School. D. has an evaluation scheduled for this Friday morning, the first step in our second attempt at enrollment. Let's hope it goes a little better than the last time.


Lisa b said...


My hopes and dreams hinge, a little to closely to be healthy, on reports like these.

Julia is totally showing off for the therapists these days too. Makes me realise what parents of older kids went through, and you with the neuro, trying to get a diagnosis.

ella said...

Go D. go!!! Good good good luck on Friday.