Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Amazing Conversations with my Children

At the end of an enjoyable episode of Blue’s Clues, D sees that WG is texting away on her Blackberry.

D: Let’s go upstairs. Put the phone back.

(WG has the audacity to attempt to finish her text.)

D: Put the phone away RIGHT NOW.

(Chastised, WG does.)

D: I’m so proud of you!

WG leaves to drive carpool. Mr. WG stays home with D. and Baby J. Baby J. wanders into Mr. WG’s office. D. follows him in.

D: Come on, Baby J. Daddy working.

They leave, and D. closes the door to Mr. WG’s office. Mr. WG apparently has NO experience in childcare and thinks that D. is simply trying to help. He hears the boys open the door to the garage, then hears them go upstairs to play. Some time later, D. returns with an ice cream cone in hand. Mr. WG is on the phone and tries to convey his displeasure solely via facial expression. (In our world, this is actually an extremely important part of conversation – D’s ability to recognize the meaning of that expression is great.) D. turns and hightails it out of Mr. WG’s office. Finally, Mr. WG finishes his call and comes out.

Mr. WG: Where is the ice cream?

D (sadly): I put it inna trash can.

Mr. WG: Show me.

D. takes Mr. WG by the hand and leads him to the pull-out trash can opens it, and shows him the last bite of ice cream, thrown away.

D (mournfully): Here is the ice cream.

Later, WG returns and checks in with Mr. WG. Baby J. enters the office.

Baby J.: Mommy! Didi spilled.

WG: Really? Didi spilled? What did D. spill?

Baby J: Didi spilla ice cream.

WG: Really? Where did D. spill ice cream?

Baby J.: Didi spilla ice cream upstairs!

I love to hear my boys talk. Even when I really don’t like to hear what they have to say.