Thursday, March 06, 2008

It's So Easy to Make Me Happy

So, guess what happened yesterday? D. and Baby J. and I were hanging out when my cellphone rang. And guess who it was? It was LisaB, calling via that there Grand Central link on the right!

We had a lovely chat, during which Baby J. banged on the piano and D. ran the vacuum cleaner, presumably because they couldn’t find anything LOUDER to do in the house. Seriously, though, it’s funny to see how quickly you can fall into natural, easy conversation with someone you’ve never met. Lisa, it was a real pleasure, and feel free to call again during the mornings or evenings, when it’s not quite so nutty around here!

Also, speaking of Lisa, if you haven’t read her amazing take on Holland, you need to do that. Right now. As Mr. WG said, it’s even better if you understand what a genetic microdeletion is, but even if you don’t, it’s still awesome. So! Why are you still here? Go read Lisa!


Lisa b said...

Thanks babe. This totally made me laugh out loud. for reals.

I loved you too, right up until the moment you told me you were going to the park and I was bitter because it took me twenty minutes to get the snow off my car yesterday.

The price we pay for universal healthcare. Seriously.