Thursday, September 21, 2006

Seriously? No, really, are you KIDDING me?

So, the new housekeeper had been somewhat lacking in the cleaning department. But I figured, OK, she speaks fluent English, so I'll just walk her through each room and show her what I want. Well, I saw from her face as soon as I mentioned this, that it was not going to go well. But I gamely tried anyway. I took her upstairs to the kids' bathrooms.

"See, the kids are, well, kids. They don't wipe out their sinks. So if you can just do that each morning, and wipe down the counters here. The toilets are just a once a week thing, and the tub every few days. The floors about once a week, maybe twice if they need it, and the towels should get washed weekly."

Now, it's true, if you review what I said, I did not specifically say, "Oh, and empty the trash can if you notice that it's so full the dirty diapers are spilling out onto the floor." So she did not.

She also did not sweep the living room floor ever, nor would she pick up anything that happened to be on the floor. Washing the floors was only done after repeated, specific requests.

Understand, I gave her a detailed written schedule before I hired her.

She did, however, add a Season Pass for ER to the Tivo and made it the #1 Season Pass, and she did spend 2 hours daily watching ER at very loud volume.

On Tuesday evening -- after she left early becuase she wasn't feeling well -- I noticed that she had updated her profile at the Web site where I found her. Now, she no longer wants to clean, and she wants $350/week, instead of the $275 she was requesting when I hired her.

And on Wednesday, surprise, surprise, she didn't show up. Or call.

So. I interviewed someone new, and she'll start Monday.

Pray for us.


Schnozz said...

Wow, good news: I already have my very own housekeeper! She sucks just as bad as yours, but I don't have to pay her ONE RED CENT and still she keeps showing up.

Oh, crap, it's me.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get a good hire next time!

3MGA mom said...

I'm thanking my stars right now for the (seemingly) reliable service people I surround myself with. That's an awful lot of money to do a half-assed job with! Hang in there, it will work itself out soon enough.

L'shana tova, in case I forget tomorrow :)

Anonymous said...

Is she a babysitter who cleans the house or is she a real housekeeper?

Meredith said...

It's just so hard to find good help :-)

I know, it always sounds so "plight of the entitled" to say that but sometimes, oh it is true.

I have someone come once every other week and she is super nice and tries but every week I notice something that makes me say, "why didn't she notice all that spinach stuck to wall behind the blender."

I second the L'shana Tova.