Thursday, September 21, 2006

Because I know you all sit around wondering about our housekeeping situation

So -- this morning, I started my morning routine, and in the middle of it, the AWOL housekeeper showed up. There was a long story, complete with much swaying back and forth to demonstrate her dizziness. She was in the hospital yesterday, she said.

Now, call me heartless or unfeeling or both or whatever the hell else you want to call me, but hear this: I returned phone calls from the hospital after giving birth. I returned email when my kid was in the NICU. I kept in touch with people who were paying me money to do work even when I had what was almost definitely undiagnosed bird flu. I really feel that the only acceptable excuse for completely disappearing is death -- your own.

So. Anyway, I figured I could still use her today and tomorrow and then just not have her come back next week, right? Because that way, I, um, don't have to wash my own floors for Rosh HaShana.

OK, yes, I am a princess. I can't help it. I've tried to clean on my own, and honestly, if I didn't have to work, I would do it. Even though I hate it and I'm bad at it. But I do have to work, and I can't do it all. I have just not figured out a way to care for my kids, get my work done, and keep up with the cleaning.

The new housekeeper, scheduled to start Monday, is more of a cleaner who will also watch the baby. In an ideal world, I would hire a nanny who just watched the kids and a separate person to clean 3x/wk, but in an ideal world, Apple wouldn't tell me that my iPod suffered "accidental damage or abuse" and deny me service and put me on hold for over 3 hours over the course of two days. And my 2-year-old wouldn't weigh 10 pounds more than my 5-year-old. But hey, what are you gonna do, right?

Shana tova to all of you who celebrate that kind of thing. Anyone want to see my yomtov menus?


Anonymous said...

So how does she explain the change to her website? I hear you on the calling no matter what. It's just what you do if you have a job!