Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Public Service Announcement from WG

Are you taking advantage of your (or your spouse's) flexible spending account? Dudes, I just realized that I can submit a claim to cover the money we spent for D. and Mr. WG to attend the Sotos conference back in July. We're talking about a significant chunk of change.

Did you know that you can also use those funds to pay for speech therapy? And just about anything can be paid for with that money if you have a doctor's note. Like, if your doctor says that your kid needs Gymboree or an equivalent, get it in writing, and submit the claim. You can also use it to pay for tutoring if your kid has a learning disability. Good to know!

Remember, this is use it or lose it money. You set it aside at the beginning of the year and reduce your taxable income. Then you have to use up that set-aside money by the end of the year, or it's gone forever. Got cash to burn? Check out drugstore.com's FSA store -- I got myself a bunch of first aid kits for the car, the house, the diaper bag, and the suitcase. I also stocked up on OTC meds, bandaids (even the pricey Backyardigans ones!), etc.

Call your HR person if you don't know anything about this!

Thank you. We now return to our regularly scheduled whining, already in progress.


lisa said...

I love our FSA account. And we've never seemed to have a problem using every last penny, fancy that! Next year is already allocated for Lasik, I can't wait.

3MGA mom said...

We thought we were so smart, before Cole was born, setting aside the recommended amount for birth-related stuff. But then came the lactation consultant and pump rentals, the genetics clinic visits, the ECG, the tests performed around the globe... Needless to say, we put aside MUCH more this year :)