Thursday, September 14, 2006

No, really, I make my living as a professional writer.

D. loves school. This morning, Mr. WG drove Z's carpool, so when he left with her, D. grabbed a backpack from the closet and tried to follow them out to the car. It was actually kind of funny -- he realized they were headed to the garage, so he grabbed the first backpack he could get his hands on -- the fact that it was empty didn't bother him at all -- and tried to force his way out to the car.

He was beyond hysterical when I didn't let him go. He screamed for about 10 minutes. I stuck him in my room to calm down, and eventually, he quieted. A few minutes after that, he knocked on my door from the inside, and I opened it, and he walked out, all smiles. Of course, I blew it a few minutes later with a slideshow on my computer -- he saw a picture of Mr. WG and started to cry, "Daddy? No! No!"

When his carpool finally came, he raced out the door with nary a goodbye kiss.

Because his mornings are now booked, I had to try to reschedule his last few speech therapy sessions -- the early intervention stuff ends when he turns three next month. Well, it turns out that the therapists don't have any afternoon slots open, so we're just... stopping.

I discussed this at great length with the therapists, and we decided that we'll let D. adjust to school for the next few months. Then, when I feel he's ready, we'll go to a private speech therapist who can work with him on his articulation. He just can't do that until he can actually follow instructions like, "OK, now put your tongue here and make this sound."

He's talking a lot now, but it is still tricky to understand him because of the articulation issues, and he's not yet using sentences as consistently as I would like. So I am cautiously optimistic, I guess.

In other news, I found a paper in Z's homework folder this morning. On it, she had printed, in Hebrew, "I will not yell when my teacher says she doesn't want to hear noise." Gee, what could have prompted that? I had to sign it, and just in case I wasn't clear, the teacher had also drawn a large sad face -- complete with dripping tears.

We'll just ignore the fact that my last few entires lack any semblance of structure, OK?


Lisa said...

The sad face with tears is a little creepy, no? Enjoy the break from therapy! Sounds like he's doing well.