Sunday, March 05, 2006

A Little Test

Just a few multiple choice questions. Not nearly as complicated as most Cosmo quizzes.

1. If you are driving and you hear a siren and glance in your rearview mirror and see an ambulance, you should:

A. Pull over as quickly as safely possible and allow the ambulance to pass.
B. Continue driving normally.
C. Swerve randomly across the road so that the ambulance will have to stop and deal with the carnage you create.
D. Lean on your horm and race through traffic in front of the ambulance, clearing the way.

2. If you have just met me five minutes ago, and you see my son for the first time in your life, which of the following might be an appropriate comment to make?

A. What an adorable child you have!
B. Oh my God, he's so big. Is something wrong with him?
C. Have you had him tested for Marfan's?
D. But he's really big!

3. If you insist on behaving like an idiot by pressing the issue despite my tight smile and one word answers to your rude questions, what might be a good followup?

A. I'm sorry I was so rude and insensitive just now.
B. Do any of your other children have delays?
C. No, really, because sometimes these things run in families. You should have them all tested.
D. Well, you're not going to have any more kids, are you?

If you answered A to all questions, then you are a hell of a lot smarter than the bitchy lady I met last weekend. And if you answered anything else -- well, then you must be that lady. Or that dumb.


Anonymous said...

Ha!!! Your wit never fails.