Monday, March 13, 2006

To That Woman Who Sat Two Seats Over in the Waiting Room at the Pediatrician's Office

I did not appreciate the way you felt free to talk about my kid in Spanish. Granted, I do not speak Spanish and therefore could not understand what you were saying word for word, but I am not stupid. When your kid was playing with his trucks -- and for God's sake, how were we supposed to know you brought them from home? Who the hell does that? --and my son pointed and said, "Car. Vroom, vroom," you did not have to immediately tell your child to bring you all the trucks and then proceed to WIPE EACH ONE DOWN WITH YOUR ANTIBACTERIAL WIPES and make a big point of putting them away in your bag, all the while muttering in Spanish about how my son is probably carrying THE PLAGUE or something. I also did not like the little throwaway line you gave your kid in English: "We'll play with them when we are in the room." Which in itself is not such an unreasonable thing to say, but did you really NEED to be giving my son the death look while you did it?

Here's a tip. You know how the pediatrician's office gives out these little information sheets? Well, right up at the top is DON'T SCHEDULE YOUR WELL CHILD VISIT DURING SICK KID HOURS.

Just so you know, I totally coughed in your direction on purpose.


Yes, I know I haven't posted in a while and therefore have lost all... 7... of my regular readers, but I couldn't help it. We moved into the new house, and I was crazed. I do have several drafts of posts waiting to be edited and posted, so all is not lost.


Anonymous said...

Hmm... that line in English was meant for you, not the son. I smell a little passive aggression at the ped's office. When she was antibacterializing her kid's toys, you should have said "I know, I can't believe bird flu has already reached the southwest U.S.! Don't worry, my son seems to be recovering miraculously. Could I trouble you for a tissue?"

Dee said...

I'm actually looking forward to the day that something like this happens to me. Since I live in the one of the nation's spanish-speaking meccas, and my husband is a native spanish speaker, I know enough to get me by. And oh boy, what fun it'll be if this happens to me! Sorry she was such a beyotch. Moms...some of them think they cornered the market in parenting.

And you so didn't lose me; still here, still checking in. Congrats on the move--you made it, hopefully unscathed! (gah, how i hate hate hate moving.)

Meow said...

Oooh, I'm with "anonymous". That would've been funny !! Perhaps a few spanish lessons might be in order ... at least some rude words !! People can be so insensitive, don't you think. Some mothers are so rude, they just have no idea !!
Hope all is well, take care, Meow