Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hurry Up And Wait (Again)

So we drove home from Eilat last night, which was a pretty good decision, all things considered. Today, it is POURING down rain, and there's a good chance much of the road we traveled on last night has flooded or will flood later today. The major downside -- I mean, apart from the downside of cutting short any vacation -- is that moments, literally moments, after we left, we got a call from a delivery service that was trying to deliver a gift package to us at the hotel.

The package will come back up north with the rest of the group today, so eventually it will arrive in the center of the country and we'll get it. It'll take another day or two with the weather, but it'll be fine. And HOW AWESOME is my relative who sent it? SO AWESOME.

Anyway, Guy took Adi in to Schneider today. WBC count remains low, but has come up a bit. Adi is still neutropenic -- too neutropenic at the moment to start the next phase of treatment. So the plan -- Ha! THE PLAN! AS IF THE PLAN MATTERS! -- is that we will come in Saturday night and run a CBC, and if Adi's neutrophils have come up, he'll be admitted. If not, we'll go back home and wait.

As I type this, Adi is in for his bone marrow biopsy -- but hey, these days, what's a little general anesthesia and a bone marrow biopsy between friends. There is a part of me that is HORRIFIED by how cavalier we are, bandying about these terms, me staying home TO DO LAUNDRY while Guy handles the hospital. If you had told me six months ago that I would be this way, I would have made a nasty comment under my breath, but here we are.

Anyway, this is the DAY 78 BONE MARROW. It will be sent, along with the DAY 33 BONE MARROW that has been patiently waiting in the freezer, to THE LAB that is located I have no idea where, and I envision a group of lab-coated scientists peering at it through an electron microscope while stroking their beards. Funny how on House they always got lab results within SECONDS. We mere mortals will have to wait 7-10 days.

"As soon as they have the results, they'll tell us," said Guy.

"Well, that's probably not true," I said. "Within 24 hours of them getting the results, they'll tell us, sure. But as soon as they get them? Not likely."

So, once again, we are waiting, waiting, waiting, while the fate of our boy hangs in the balance. Will he need a bone marrow transplant? Only time will tell.


Crystal T. said...

It's SO weird how you get desensitized to things. I didn't get an epidural when I was in labor, for instance, because the thought of a needle in my back freaks me out. But with Jack the spinal procedures are some of the easiest and he now asks if he can be put to sleep for something as simple as a flu vax. When they make adults stay awake for the LPs and stuff? GEEZ - not cool at all!

Crystal T. said...

Oops, hit publish too soon. I also wanted to say good luck on the bone marrow results!! And I hope Adi's ANC recovers soon!

Abbi Perets said...

Crystal -- that's EXACTLY how I felt about the epidural!! Too funny. Also, thanks for the good wishes. :-)

Mara said...

How'd the blood count go tonight (last night for you)? The time difference is disorienting me.

Just last night, M said to me, as I was laying with him in his bed, 'How is Adi feeling? Do you think he is feeling better? We should send him a truck, he loves trucks.'

So... I know you don't want a truck, but what is a pick me up for the long stays anticipated? Also, for the other four children? We miss you & love you!