Thursday, December 09, 2010


I'm sure there are at least a few readers who looked at that headline and thought, "Dude, this woman HOMESCHOOLS HER KIDS."

Allow me to explain. Yesterday, I had to drive to the airport. Mr. WG has been all cranky lately about missing his mommy, and he has been, frankly, a pain in the tushie about it. Israel is wonderful, he tells me. We should go live there. And when ask practical things, like "Where will we live?" and "Where will D. go to school?" and "What will we do for money?" he gets all huffy.

"Why do women have to have opinions?" he retorts. "Why can't you just do what I say?"

That line might carry a little more weight if:

1. Mr. WG were not a full 2.5 inches SHORTER than I am
2. He actually meant it

Anyway, he went on and on about going to Israel, and I finally told him, BUY A FREAKING TICKET AND GO. And he says, "I'll take Baby A., and that will help you." And I said, "It's lovely that you want to take the baby, but don't kid yourself that you're helping me. He is NOT the difficult child. If you ACTUALLY want to help me, take D."

And so... yesterday, I drove Mr. WG, D., and Baby A to the airport so that they could go to Israel. For 18 days. Which leaves me at home with Z., S., and J. And, as any parent of a lot of kids knows, when you are used to five, and you suddenly get rid of two, including the one who is the most work, it's like having NO children.

I miss them all like crazy, of course, but it's also kind of amazing to see how much I can accomplish in a day when D. is not here.


Shosh said...

oh my gosh. wow. ENJOY!

Mara said...

Now that you've got "0", we can expect daily posts, right?!

Enjoy! (Perhaps a road trip would be a good idea now. I mean, you are fancy free.)