Thursday, November 04, 2010

The Book Order

When Z. was in first grade, she brought home a book order. I was overjoyed. I must have ordered $40 worth of books, because that's what I got when I was a kid. I was allowed to order as many books as I wanted, every time. Well, by the time the third or fourth book order came home, I was a little less enthusiastic, and I instituted many, many rules to keep from having to order books. Only books that cost $2 or less. Only books that are not about fairies. Only books with at least 150 pages. Whatever.

Then S. started bringing home book orders, and it was more of the same. Every month, she would want the book that came with the free bracelet for your doll or the water dish for your dog or whatever, and it would be a whole thing.

D. brought home a book order the other day. My other kids know what they have in their backpacks. But someone else puts D's things in his folder for him, so he has no clue. And even if he put the book order in there, he has no idea what it is. I can leave it out on the table, and he doesn't even glance at it as he shoves it out of the way to make space for his garbage truck.

I never thought I would so desperately want my child to ask me to buy something.


moplans said...

I wish I had something helpful to say WG.

sugar magnolia said...

I actually read this post a few days ago and keep thinking about it, so I thought I should come back and actually comment. I can relate. I guess you never really know what you have until it's gone (or never there in the first place). Hugs. A very well written, thought-provoking post.