Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Things That Have Been Said to Me Recently

By my father, on the way to the airport: "I really think you should have your tubes tied. It's just that if you've already had two with... anomalies... your chances skyrocket for something worse."

By my midwife, a few days before Baby A. was born, as she waited for a contraction to see if she could feel my cervix, and I lay half nekkid on my bed: "A little awkward, yeah."

By Z., later that day, upon hearing that her father had touched the baby's head: "What, you stuck your hand down Mommy's throat?"

By the little girl who sat behind me at the Wiggles concert on Sunday, as I was wearing a bandanna as a hair covering: "Are you a pirate?"

Regularly scheduled posting is set to resume later this month, when the children return to school.


Teej said...

I laughed at every one of these, except for the first one, at which I rolled my eyes. But let's focus on the laughs, shall we?

Lisa said...

What Teej said...seriously? Someone on this planet thinks that's okay to say something like that? Gah.

Lisa said...

Just to clarify...I'm not questioning what Teej said, rather, I'm agreeing with her. It's way early and my grammar is not what it should be.

Shosh said...

I LOVE that Z is so innocent. I really need to move to a smaller city.

Jessie said...

I LOVE the 'are you a pirate' comment