Monday, August 24, 2009

Breathe in, breathe out

Oy. So, I had to take a break from everything because I had a baby and camp ended and school didn't start and there were FIVE CHILDREN in the house and it was crazy and the housekeeper is only scheduled to start NEXT MONDAY. But then three kids started school on Thursday and D. went back today, and I thought I could catch my breath and take a week to just enjoy baby A.

I know, it's funny, right?

So, D's bus came at 6:17 am, and off he went. And Mr. WG took the other kids to school at 7:15, and baby A and I sat down on the couch to watch some Monk on DVD.

Mr. WG called my cell phone, which was in my office, so I let it ring while I changed a diaper. Then I called him back from the house phone, and he told me he was going by D's school to check on him.

He called the house phone a few minutes later. The school, of course, is chaos. I remember it from last year. So he asked for D's teacher, Mrs. L., and was told, "Oh, she's no longer here." Wait, haven't I seen this flick before? Mr. WG was able to locate D, ascertain that he was fine, and sneak away quietly.

Call waiting beeped, and I ignored it. (I keep canceling call waiting, and yet, IT ALWAYS BEEPS.)

I told Mr. WG that I would speak with the principal of the school, and we hung up.

My cell phone rang. I found it and answered. It's the day school. S. threw up, and she says she threw up at home.

Liar, I nearly shout, but contain myself. "Did anyone SEE her throw up?" I asked. And then I actually said, "I mean, I love S., but I KNOW S. Does she have a fever?"

No, and no. Well then, send her on back. She's not coming home.

I called D's school and left a message for the principal. Opinions, please. Am I nuts to think that when you switch the teacher for the special education class, you could maybe trouble yourself to INFORM THE PARENTS?

UGH. Positive attitude. Serenity now. Breathe in, breathe out.


Shosh said...

Is D's school a Jewish school?

WriterGrrl said...

No, D. is in public school. This is Houston, not Chicago. :-) But at least we don't get snow....

Lisa b said...

I am not really sure what is reasonable but I am not going to be happy if my child's teacher is changed without warning.

Lisa b said...
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Shosh said...

well i was going to say, if its a jewish school, then its not surprising they switch teachers like that. but arent public schools supposed to be all organized and stuff like that?