Friday, January 02, 2009

The Bread Recipe and The Dark Side

So, the bread recipe can be found here.

To make the amazing sandwich, lightly toast the bread. Very lightly -- more like just warming it. While it is warming, slice the brie and get out the olive oil. Then, take the bread out, get the brie on, drizzle the olive oil, and close up the sandwich. Find someplace quiet to sit and eat. Away from children. That's critical. Seriously.

Now, The Dark Side.

Yesterday, I was at the computer catching up a little -- this whole deal with all the kids being home has really put a crimp in my work schedule -- when my husband sent me an email. "Check this out," was the subject, and when I opened it, there was a Facebook link. I clicked it to see a picture of a friend I haven't heard from in about nine years. She was surrounded by her beautiful family -- a husband and FIVE children.

Later, Mr. WG gave me his login information so that I could check out my friend's full profile in all its glory and click around to other people and -- wow. I began to understand the allure. But I still can't quite bring myself to actually, you know, join. But I am closer to considering it than I ever have been before.

All day yesterday I checked my husband's page, thought of how I would update the status, and so on. Just before dinner, I discovered that you can IM via Facebook, so my friend and I chatted. And we set up a time for an actual phone call, which was a blast. But at the end of the call, my friend told me that it's really rare for her to talk on the phone. She's much more apt to keep up with people via those status updates on Facebook.

I don't know... I get the whole no time thing, of course, but I think of my phone time at the end of the day as one of the things that keeps me sane. Now, granted, I don't normally get to talk with a friend I haven't heard from in forever, but sometimes I do, and it's awesome. I don't know if Facebook packs the same punch.

But it was fun.


dee said...

Once you get on Facebook, it sucks you in :-)

And, you know, if you do decide to set up your own FB account, I'd totally be your friend (as would many other of us gals too!).

Happy 2009!

Amanda said...

As a complete facebook addict I can attest to the ease of "staying in touch" with people you don't normally connect with. I moved in high school and have been able to reconnect with people I haven't spoken/heard from in over 20 years. It is nice to see how people have turned out. Some changed. Some didn't.

Highly recommend it. And when you do add me!

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Betty and Boo's Mommy said...

I just joined Facebook a few weeks ago (and blogged about my dilemma doing so) and everyone is right about how much it sucks you in. It's very fun, though ... almost too much. :)

Jenny said...

Okay, I blame YOU for my wasting several hours today. : ) I've evidently had my face in the sand for the last few years. I'd heard of Facebook but wasn't really familiar with what it was. So after reading your post, I went and visited and started typing in names of friends from college, high school, childhood. EVERYONE was on there! What's up with that?! I'm so left out and I had no idea! I can see how it could be totally addicting!