Sunday, December 07, 2008


I flatter myself, I'm sure, in imagining just DOZENS of you anxiously refreshing and waiting for my update.

So, I dragged Mr. WG along to my U/S appointment on Friday, and after cooling our heels in the waiting room for a good 40 minutes, we were at last ushered in to see the tech. Who it turns out, was doing a transabdominal u/s, and not the wanding I had anticipated been promised thought was in store.

Anyway, we saw a blinking heart, and she made measurements, and then on one screen she put a little arrow and labeled it "baby," which made me laugh out loud.

"You should wrap that up and give it to Z," I said to Mr. WG. So the tech wrote Z's name at the top, and then started to add MERRY -- at which point I said, "Well, actually it's Hannukah," so she wrote Happy Hannukah Z and printed it out. And even just thinking of it leaves me with a big, silly grin on my face, which is a pleasant change from the copious tears I've been shedding all along.

And based on the size, we adjusted my date back to July 22, making me a good 10 days less pregnant than I should be according to the laws of physics or biology or something. I guess Mr. WG just has bionic sperm that live for two weeks or something.

And how was your weekend?


ella said...

Bauch HaShem. Glad the ultrasound went well and good good good luck with the CVS. Are you going to make Z wait until Chanukah for the printout?

(I don't refresh your blog continuously in case you have a site tracker thing and wonder who the crazy stalker is who visits your blog 30 times a day - but I do refresh my RSS feed continuously!)

Teej said...

Adorable. I'm smiling, too.

Lisa b said...


lisa said...

Awesome! So glad that it's a baby. And not some other life form.

dee said...

Lovely news :-)

Anonymous said...

Bionic Sperm. LOL. Gotta love that super-human sperm. Congrats on the baby. And the baby label!