Monday, December 01, 2008

Fun with Torture

I enjoy torturing myself, so today I googled "Developmental Checklists" and found this page.

I downloaded the checklist and skipped to the penultimate page:



•Stands on one foot for 10 seconds or longer No.
•Hops, somersaults No.
•Swings, climbs Climbs? Yes. Swings? Well, he gets in a swing and demands to be pushed.
•May be able to skip No, but he can do this galloping move that always makes me laugh.


•Copies triangle and other geometric patterns No. D. draws circles. And sometimes balloons, which are circles with lines poking from them.
•Draws person with body No.
•Prints some letters No.
•Dresses and undresses without assistance Yes. Far too frequently, if you ask me.
•Uses fork, spoon Yes.
•Usually cares for own toilet needs Sure, if by "cares for" you mean, "goes to the toilet and does his business and then leaves the mess for someone else to clean up."


•Recalls parts of a story No.
•Speaks sentences of more than 5 words Yes.
•Uses future tense Well. He uses "First/Next" constructs" -- "First we eat lunch, then we go to park." But he doesn't say things like, "Later, we will go to the park."
•Tells longer stories No.
•Says name and address No.


•Can count 10 or more objects With help. He can count abstractly, but one-to-one correlation is harder.
•Correctly names at least 4 colors Yes.
•Better understands the concept of time No.
•Knows about things used every day in the home (money, food, etc.) Food, yes. Money, no. I don't think I understand the question.


•Wants to please and be with friends Yes. But they don't always reciprocate.
•More likely to agree to rules Maybe, if the rules are to his liking.
•Likes to sing, dance, and act Yes.
•Shows more independence Yes.

That was fun. Maybe tomorrow I'll try stabbing myself with a fork.


DESJ and Company said...

I'm saying this with all the love in the world.

stop. right. now.

There is nothing to gain by making yourself insane. You know D is delayed. What is to be gained by killing yourself? All you are gaining is heartache and upset.

Stop. right. now.

sara, aka dovi's mom :)

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

I don't think anyone likes to be compared to a checklist and I think it is even harder when it is our child we're assessing.

I agree with Sara. Don't torture yourself.

Lisa b said...

stop with the fork.

Anonymous said...

We all torture ourselves in the worst ways. This is yours, and mine. On the bright side, maybe we should get our kids together. I would have to answer this the same way you did.


Sending warm thoughts your way.