Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ike Came, Ike Saw, Ike Made WG Really Mad

Hi! I am not WG. I am WG's friend Teej and I have broken into WG's blog. And you know, the funny thing about what I'm doing right now is that I keep typing her real name instead of "WG" and then I have to go back and correct it. Because I am the keeper of secrets and the giver of important news!

Important news: WG is fine. Mr. WG and kids are fine. They rode out Ike and it was sort of no big deal in her neck of the woods, except for the very damaged gutters, the downed limbs, the general sense of apocalypse, and the small matter of the neighbor's fence having found its way onto WG's driveway. (AWKWARD.) And, actually, the very large matter of NO POWER. That means WG's home is currently a very dark and sweaty place.

Did I really just say that? Today is the day WG regrets giving me access to her blog. Tomorrow, may be the day she gets power and changes her password. The next day I start becoming Jewish to win her back because I love her.

It's very, very hot where WG lives. And no power means no air conditioning, which makes WG very, very mad. So if you complied with her request for good thoughts pre-hurricane, please comply with her request that you send her cooling thoughts now. And see-in-the-dark thoughts! Have you ever tried walking through a pitch-black home in which four children and their toys live?

Anyway, the WG brood is melting but safe, Ike sucks, and I have WG's password. The end. For now.


ella said...

Thanks for the update, Teej! SO glad to hear y'all survived more-or-less unscathed, WG. And I am sending you all the cooling thoughts I can!