Monday, February 04, 2008

It wouldn't be Monday without a little drama

Last night, as Mr. WG and I watched the last few minutes of House far too late at night, Shadow texted me that she was sick and didn't think she'd make it to school today. This was Not Good, because the public school people were scheduled to visit and observe D. in school at 8 am this morning. I immediately texted SubShadow to ask if he could fill in. He replied that he'd be thrilled, but we'd have to clear it with MontessoriBitch.

Internet, I don't think you've met MontessoriBitch, but I think the name pretty much says it all. Basically, after Mr. WG and I hired SubShadow and everyone in the school saw how great he was, MontessoriBitch decided she would hire him to work as her assistant in the classroom. In the mornings. Precisely during the time we were using him. Fine, because Shadow came back, but we knew that SubShadow was a great sub. And we kind of thought everyone else knew that, too.

So anyway, I didn't have any contact information for MontessoriBitch, so I texted Rabbi InCharge, who replied that he couldn't force her to do anything, but he could encourage her. I wrote back that I wasn't asking him to force her, I was asking him to CONTACT her. But I was irritated that he was already trying to absolve himself of responsibility, because he is IN CHARGE.

This morning, we still hadn't heard from MontessoriBitch, but since Mr. WG is SubShadow's ride to school anyway, that was fine. Eventually, someone got ahold of MontessoriBitch, and she of course said that no, absolutely not, no way could SubShadow sub for Shadow. It was critically important that he be in her classroom. SOMEONE needs to make photocpies and feed mealworms to the animals and call parents. (Lest you think I joke, I assure you that I do not. SubShadow describes his duties as the aforementioned specifically, and more generally, "anything MontessoriBitch doesn't want to do.")

Fortunately, Mr. WG did not back down. He went and got Rabbi InCharge and told him that D. needed SubShadow. And I guess he said it firmly enough that Rabbi InCharge decided he'd have to step and BE IN CHARGE, but it still left me irritated.

And then, just to make sure the day sucked completely, D's teacher called after the public school people left to tell me that D. had a perfectly lousy morning and refused to cooperate at all, and that the public school people want to reschedule for a day when Shadow is there. Yippee.


lisa said...

Oh WG. After all of that...just to reschedule. I'm so sorry that people are such buttheads sometimes.

ella said...

Oy. At least Rabbi-in-Charge finally did step up. Hopefully things will go better next time the public school people come out to play.

Lisa b said...

WG, I loved reading this.