Friday, December 14, 2007

A Quiz

1. Why doesn't WG post anything these days?

A. She gave up blogging for Lent.
B. She spends all day tracking the non-progress of her new Scooba and reading laugh-out-loud funny descriptions of crappy mail service.
C. She spends all day working on actual work for actual paying clients.
D. She is just plain lazy.

2. What stage of the gift receiving process are WG's daughters currently in?

A. Wow, this is just what I wanted! (Stage 1)
B. Mommy, read these 30 pages of instructions/this needs batteries/accessories/spare parts (Stage 2)
C. Mommy, this toy is SO STUPID I HATE IT WHY DID YOU BUY IT I HATE YOU. (Stage 3)
D. Mommy, we have nothing to do. Buy us something. (Stage 4)

3. Your sister gives you and your wife and baby a brand new Roomba for Chanuka. What is an appropriate reciprocal gift?

A. A gift chosen from her Amazon wish list.
B. A Target gift card.
C. A thoughtful, original song
D. Pretty much anything in the world, except a $36 gift certificate to share with her husband at a crappy kosher restaurant.

4. How ungrateful is WG?

A. I'm freaking embarrassed to BE WG.
B. Not any more than her daughters. (Wonder where they learned it, eh?)
C. On a scale of one to ten? 17.
D. All of the above.

5. What the heck just happened while WG was writing this entry?

A. Mr. WG came in and announced that we are going away for Shabbat!
B. The children will not be joining us!
C. We are going to leave slightly later than Mr. WG planned because D's teacher would not agree to let him stay late without his shadow.
D. What?

6. How does this entry come full circle?

A. Turns out we will be using the gift certificate to pay for the food we are taking to our mystery destination.
B. We have the gratuitous mention of The World Is Against D.
C. Shabbat, Lent, it's all good. (Could somebody please tell me what Lent is, actually)
D. It is a promise of a fuller entry to come.


Unknown said...

Ack! No answers to the quiz? How will we know if we answered correctly?

Just kidding. Lent:

Have fun on your mystery trip!

Denise said...

I love this! After a day with no fewer than 4 over-stimulated SID meltdowns, I got a nice laugh.


moplans said...

I see andrea has covered this but Lent is before easter.
you were close.
A Roomba would be a fantastic gift for either, with AB or C clearly being better reciprocal gifts.