Wednesday, February 07, 2007

You take the good, you take the bad

* I take the kids to a friend’s house for an evening of women, children, and sushi. D. plays beautifully – he throws one toy down the stairs, but otherwise is terrific. He eats his mac n’cheese and drinks his water and has a good time. I am happy and hopeful.

* At a birthday party, all the children play happily. D. lies on the floor, clutching a truck in a death grip. I bite my tongue to keep from begging him to play.

* D. is tired. He lies down in my bed and listens to me read If You Give A Pig A Party. I finish the story. He takes the book, and falls asleep within minutes. I kiss him and feel my heart swell.

* Later, D. and Baby J. are looking at books. If I give Baby J. a book, he will turn it right-side-up to look at it, if necessary. D. will not. I pretend not to notice.

* I arrive at D’s school to pick him up. One of his classmates asks me, “What’s your name?” I tell her, “My name is WG. What’s your name?” She responds with, “My name is M.” She asks D., “What’s your name?” D. continues eating his sandwich. All the children begin announcing their names. D. just eats. I keep smiling, but I am screaming in my head.

* Mr. WG asks D. “What color is this?” D. responds properly, “Red!” I am thrilled.

* I ask D., What color is this?” and point to something red. He stares blankly. “Try yellow,” says Mr. WG. I do. “Red!” shouts D. I sigh.


lisa said...

I hear you. The good can be so good and the bad...well, it just takes the wind out of your sails.

Scottsdale Girl said...

Darlin, I do most of those things NOW! :)