Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I Wish I Could Just Complain More About My MIL.

D. had a bad day at school today.

He keeps breaking out of the classroom – they’re debating installing a lock on the door. Because of my kid. Because he keeps leaving, and there are seven other kids in the class who deserve some attention some of the time, so the teachers can’t spend the entire day chasing after D.

He threw a chair today. Thank God, he didn’t hit anyone. But he threw. A CHAIR.

He bit his friend A. What’s the protocol here? Do I call A’s mom and say, Hey, how are you? What’s going on? Sorry my kid BIT YOURS. Or do I pretend to know nothing and not notice when she is suddenly turning down my lunch invitations? (A’s mom is a friend, and I really like her.)

I strongly suspect that D. acted out today because he was overtired. I have noticed that if he doesn’t sleep well at night, he is an absolute nightmare the next day. So, when he came home today, we took him outside for a few minutes, then up for a nap. Whereupon he commenced screaming and screaming and SCREAMING. Did I mention the screaming?

Right now it is quiet, but it’s kind of like that eye of the hurricane thing. I’m just waiting for the storm to rip the roof off the house.

The best part is that D’s schedule is going to be thrown for an even bigger loop, as Mr. WG is driving his mother back to the airport this afternoon. Can I tell you how much my evening is going to suck?


The Queen Mama said...

All will get back to normal soon. Deep breaths, in and out.

Anonymous said...

Hi WG! This is Natalie - the other Sotos mom...dropped in to enjoy your awesome blog space....can I just say I love reading your "work of arts"...Anyhow, just had to say - you're not alone. Yanking Nathan from the outside - his dream world - to the inside, and trying to grab this giant in my petite short self is a skill in and of itself. And yes screaming too....hope you're having a restful night....hope all does return to normal soon as "queen mama" said....do take care.

fluentsoul said...

Oh, man. I hate the biting. My son (3 1/2) bit my two-year-old daughter on the eye two days ago. She has a shiner. And then yesterday he bit her leg. I'm lucky it happened here instead of at school. I've only had to deal with his pushing and hair-pulling at school so far.

I hope yesterday evening went smoother than you expected. Hang in there.