Friday, August 04, 2006

Various disjointed thoughts with no narrative structure

Well, I think the title about says it all, don't you? We'll attempt to impose a sense of structure on this post by using the ever-popular list format. But don't let it fool you -- this really is just a bunch of rambling.

  1. We have to wait until Monday to get the results of Baby J's x-ray. This, of course, is because it takes 48 hours to develop x-ray film -- oh, wait, no it doesn't. This is because Children's Hospital enjoys torturing me? I don't know. (OK, yes, I get that there may actually be children with problems more serious than insane fathers, but I am really not looking forward to worrying all weekend.)
  2. I hate fasting. It was every bit as awful as I thought it would be, made even worse by the weird sinus headache that has been plaguing me for several days. I don't get the whole headache thing, because I'm on my allergy meds, and I'm not at all congested. My mom told me to take a decongestant along with the allergy meds, which seems to help slightly for an hour or two. But then the headache comes back. And it is annoying.
  3. I love coffee. Particularly that first morning cup the day after a fast. Sweet, sweet nectar of the gods. And I feel bad saying that, because I know my good friend M. has recently given up caffeine because of her own headaches, and all I can say is, M., my head would have to actually be SEVERED FROM MY BODY for me to give up coffee.
  4. I have been discovering a bunch of new, great blogs lately, and I have to tell you all how impressed I am by what's out there. Truly incredible. Links will be provided eventually, I promise.
  5. I have been so touched by the comments left by so many of you. And I do mean to thank you for them and perhaps even participate on my own comments threads, and get a whole discussion thing going, but I just...haven't yet. But please know that I RUSH to read EVERY SINGLE COMMENT on the blog and squeal delightedly over all of them. And also that I wish there were more. Ahem.
  6. I have to cook now. I also have to work and to get to the grocery store and possibly to the bakery, and in my fantasy world, I'm also going to get a haircut and wax my eyebrows, which have become somewhat apelike for lack of grooming. In reality, I'll probably spend a lot of time checking email, reading blogs, and barely finish the cooking in time.

Hold a good thought for Baby J., if you can.


lisa said...

Wow, your days sound a lot like mine! I continue to keep baby J. in my prayers, I hope this weekend passes quickly and Monday brings you good news.

Jess said...

Random lurker sending happy thoughts for baby J, as well as for the eyebrow waxing, because... yeeouch.

Let the squealing commence. ;)

3MGA mom said...

I never realized how much random crap happens to a person until I had one of my own to take care of!

I think you should take the 48 hours thing as a good sign, bc in my experience when your test results are rushed way ahead of everyone else's, or you're called into the office right after arriving when there is a room full of kids waiting, any time you're cutting in line, it's because the doctors are worried.

Not that doctors are always right. (I may or may not have a blog about that topic.) But still, I hope you can find a little solace in their lack of urgency.

And yes, post links. I should post a link to you at my site. We can have a little ring of venty Jewish mamas with sucky genes :)

Meredith said...

Keeping Baby J and your sanity in my thoughts today. I hate how they make you wait so long for results! I once had to wait 72 hours to find out if a tumor found in my liver was cancerous. The wait was due to my doctor's schedule since the specialist who did the reading had to give the info to my doctor to give to me, and my doctor does not work on Mondays. Ugh!

I am also a venty Jewish mama with sucky genes (so far not passed onto my son but give it time).