Sunday, August 06, 2006

It is.

I read a book yesterday, Eye Contact. I saw it at the library and read the flap and thought, OK. I brought it home and I set it aside. I read another book and started a Daniel Handler book. And then yesterday, I set aside the Daniel Handler -- it's funny, and I am going to finish it -- but it was time to read Eye Contact. It's by Cammie McGovern.

An excerpt:

"When he was eight months old, ... for the first time she thought: Wait, is this normal? When he was a year, she understood, No it isn't....

She accepted it in stages. First she told herself: He'll be a late talker. Gradually, she began to see: He'll be different in other ways, too. When he wasn't waking by sixteen months, there was talk of low muscle tone, referrals to a physical therapist, a phone number passed along for early intervention services....

Still, she waited six months to make the appointment.

How was it possible to live so long in a state of denial? She can only say this: It is. You tell yourself you're not interested in labels, that the problem these days is too many labels.... You narrow your eyes and see an older boy you remember from high school: the quiet one who was good at math and never looked up from his shoes, or the band member no one noticed until the final talent show when he played a saxophone solo that broke every girl's heart. You can know he isn't normal and still think it's possible: Maybe he's extraordinary.



Lisa said...

I know I've felt that way, for sure. Hope you guys got good news about Baby J today.