Monday, July 10, 2006

It's all in perspective.

Yesterday morning, Mr. WG says, "You don't mind if I take all the kids and go out for the day today, do you?"

"By all the kids, you mean..."

"Well, not the baby."

"OK, well, that's not all the kids then, is it?"

"Well, I CAN'T take the baby."

"Whatever. No, fine, take the other ones, I don't mind."

"So you'll have the day to yourself."

"Well, no, I won't, actually. I'll have the baby."

"Yeah, but that's like not really work."

"Really? So why don't you take the baby?"

"I can't take the baby! How can I do anything if I have the baby?"

Mind you, it's not that I don't like the baby. In fact, baby J. is delicious, and it's a pleasure to snuggle him on the sofa. But it's not the same as having "a day to myself." Don't tell Mr. WG, but we had a really good time, baby J. and I. We watched Psych, that new show on USA, we watched Drew Carey reruns, we ate junk food ALL DAY LONG.... It was really nice. In some ways, it was better than having a day to myself.