Monday, July 03, 2006

I Have Other Kids, Too

And occasionally they do cute things, believe it or not.

Tonight, Mr. WG and I were watching the latest DVD in our 24 extravaganza. We've only just discovered 24, and we're already up to season 4. Anyway, somehow, my three older children -- the ones who can walk -- came downstairs an hour or so after we had put them to bed and decided they would watch with us. We, being the pathetic parents that we are, continued to watch the carnage and Kieferliciousness that is 24, with our kids right there.

At every smash to commercials, when the numbers flash on the screen, D. would say, "numbers," and we'd all cheer. Then, when they had discovered that one of the bad girls was a different girl from the one they had accused of being the bad girl, the real bad girl (you following this?) ran out of the building as they were trying to lock it down. (Dude. You would think that the geniuses at CTU would have figured out by now that their screening process SUCKS BIG TIME and that they really need some sort of one-button lockdown process that ACTUALLY LOCKS THE DOORS.)

Anyway, the bad girl is racing away, and my 5-year-old says, "If I were that girl, I would be nice and say sorry."