Wednesday, July 19, 2006

And back to me. And my kid.

D. had speech therapy this morning. The therapist brings in a big bag o' toys, and we head upstairs to the playroom. D. is super-excited, bouncing around the room. He takes one toy, runs around, takes something else, runs around, chattering all the while.

The therapist wants him to play with one toy that she chooses, and play with that toy properly. This annoys me, but I try to bite my tongue.

"He really needs to work on his attention span," she says. Hey, you know what might help? DON'T BRING A GIANT BAG OF TOYS. Bring in one or two things. Dude, the kid sees a GIANT BAG OF TOYS, he's gonna wanna go through it.

She pulls out a wooden pizza thing. It has velcro spots on top to add little topping pieces. And all the slices velcro together, and then you can slice them apart with a little wooden slicer thing. I am amused to note that she does not give him the pepperoni toppings, only the vegetables. So it's ostensibly kosher wooden pizza. He places all the toppings on the pizza, slices it, and serves it.

But when he starts to get the tea set stuff from the toybox -- forks, knives, cups, because in D's mind, this is a meal -- she stops him. "All done?" she says.

"I want more," D. says, and I am kvelling over the way he says it, and she's still telling him that he has to choose one toy.

Am I the only one who thinks the therapist is ANNOYING?


Lisa said... she completely CLUELESS? Sure sounds like it.

3MGA mom said...

That was like our first swimming teacher, who was exasperated that she couldn't give Cole directions (Tell him to kick! KIIIIICK!). I was left thinking, "And they pay you to work with children???"

Kudos to D. for being age-appropriately precocious.

Claire said...

Sorry for the late comment, but I wanted to tell you that I'm a speech pathologist and YES that sounds very annoying.

Anonymous said...

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