Friday, February 17, 2006

Moving Forward

So. We have the weekend ahead of us, and on Tuesday, D. goes for his MRI. He can have a "light" meal in the morning. I will go ahead and assume that "light" means his usual 3 yogurts, white flour processed waffles, sugared cereal (we are not big on the health thing in my house), milk, and whatever leftovers he can scrounge from his sisters' plates. If they want him to eat less than that, they'll have to admit him the night before and put a nurse in charge of keeping me out of his room.

He can have juice until 2 hours prior to the scheduled test time. He's scheduled for 2 p.m., and he has to be at the hospital at 1. Normally, he eats lunch at noon and naps afterwards. We'll have to try to trick him into thinking lunchtime is... juice time? around, oh, say, 11ish, then maybe put him down for a nap? You know, to prep him for the sedation. And then we'll wake him at 12:40 to take him to the hospital? Maybe it'll be best to stick him in the car at 10:30 and drive around while he watches a movie, then park outside the hospital and take him in at 1? I'm not sure.

I will stay home with the baby. That way, I can be here when the girls get home from school and their routine doesn't also have to be messed with. The MRI itself took about an hour the last time he had one (when he was 7 days old), and then he has to wake up and be OK enough to leave the hospital. They said it takes a few hours. And all of this assumes that he's actually taken in on time. Ha! So, realistically, he won't be home till about 6 or 7 p.m., is my guess. AND it's likely that once the sedation wears off, he'll be, you guessed it, WIRED! Yay! Because THAT is what you want at bedtime.

We still haven't received the written report on the genetic testing. I'm hoping it'll be in today's mail.

In other news, H and R Block did my taxes and figured out that we owe! $2600! And that's only the Federal return. They have to send our state return to the district office because we live in a different state than we did when at the beginning of 2005. And I strongly suspect that our return is plain WRONG in places -- although I don't know whether they erred in our favor or Uncle Sam's. But I watched the woman entering the information (and HOLY CRAP if your job requires that you type all day, freaking LEARN TO TYPE. It was PAINFUL to watch her hover over each letter on the keyboard.), and trust me, she knew no more than I do about the tax code. So I may simply take advantage of their whole "Not satisfied? Don't pay" thing and go back to my old accountant. Who would have been my first choice anyway, but my husband insisted that we give good old H and R a try.

Right. So, enjoy the weekend. See you on the other side.


Meow said...

Hope all goes well on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend, Take care, Meow

The Queen Mama said...

H&R Block sucks big fat eggs. We've used an accountant for the past several years. You can also get a copy of Turbo Tax if your return isn't too massively complicated. I tried it last year (couldn't make it out of town to our old accountant) and it turned out fine.

Hope the MRI goes OK on Tuesday. Hope D. does allright and that you get some news you can use.