Tuesday, November 04, 2014

The Day After

If you didn't know that Adi had treatment yesterday, you might not notice the difference today. But the signs are there.

When he came home yesterday -- well after 6 pm -- he was exhausted. He barely made it to the sofa before his eyes were closed. We had to wake him for meds, and to get him upstairs, and then again for his steroids. It wasn't easy, but we got him to take everything he needed.

This morning, he was up early (thanks, steroids!), and hungry (again: THANKS SO MUCH DEXA).  He was also kind of irritated, (GUESS WHY?), banging cabinets and slamming doors. He made himself some toast (charred, thanks), and slathered it in peanut butter and chocolate spread. Hey, that'll go great with our low-salt, low-sugar diet! Woohoo! (We get a free pass: Adi is allowed to eat what he wants on steroids, but he's not supposed to have drinks with sugar in them. We treat with insulin if necessary.) (It will probably be necessary.)

By 8:30 am, Adi was ready for lunch, and he had very specific ideas about where we should go. Unfortonutely for Adi, every restaurant he mentioned was (a) closed, and (b) I may have told him that all of those places are currently undergoing renovations. I'm just saying, it may have happened.

By 9:15, Adi had decided that he was going to need a toy from the toy store. Yoni needs long-sleeved school shirts, and the two stores are next to each other, so off we went. Adi chose a tool set for 70 NIS (about $20), and I got Yoni's shirts. On the way home, Adi sang, "CAN I FIX IT? YES I CAN!" at full volume. He's already jittery from the steroids, moving from place to place in the house, fixing things, racing from the computer to the iPad to the stairs, outside, then back to the fridge.

Currently, he's taking care of his dolls, telling them that he's right there, and everything is okay.

Also, every time I go upstairs to switch the laundry, I return to find another bag of snack food has been opened and eaten.

So, yeah, the signs are there.