Saturday, November 01, 2014

Birthday Blues, Redux

So, last year, Adi's birthday did not turn out the way I wanted. This year, I was determined that things would be different.

We've been at home for the past month, enjoying interim maintenance. Adi has been feeling pretty good, so we figured that it was best to take advantage of that and celebrate. And that's what we did.

I may have mentioned once or twice that Adi loves garbage trucks. Everyone who knows Adi knows this. And so, a couple of our volunteers started making calls. They got in touch with the city council and arranged for Adi to do a ride along with them. They tracked down our oncologist and got permission. They went out and got Adi a neon green vest -- JUST LIKE A REAL GARBAGE MAN. And then they showed up at our house.

This is... for me?

Getting instructions....

I'm the garbage man!!!

I can push the button?


Riding on the back of the truck.

That was great!!!!

But that is not all we can do, said the cat. Oh, no. That is not all, said the Cat in the Hat. 

Because then Adi's teacher called and asked if she could bring his class over for a birthday party. And that's what she did. She brought 8 of the nine kids in his class (one had pneumonia and couldn't come), and games and gifts and balloons and cake and snacks and it was AMAZING.

Everybody got to see Adi's room. 

Hanging out

Making his friends laugh




Just chilling. 

What's a party without snacks?

Opening his gift -- a shirt with a picture of the class on the front and "We love you Adi" on the back!

Wearing his new shirt.

It was an AMAZING birthday. Everything I could have hoped for. And Adi's smile shows it all. 


Marnie said...

I LOVE THIS. So glad Didi had such a wonderful birthday celebration!!

Mara said...

AWESOME!!! I couldn't be happier!

Barbara Mannlein said...

We are so pleased that Adi's birthday turned out to be such a happy day for him and for you! His shirt is great.